Facilities Module


The Facilities module lets you add the static locations of your office, factory, warehouse, store, or other points of interest to the system, along with a list of all facility contacts working at that specific facility. This is a great complement to the other two position types available in Safeture – dynamic locations through the Safeture app and future locations through travel booking data.

Facility radius

Facilities are configured with a radius, used to specify the size of the area around the facility that you wish to be notified of any incidents happening. If an incident intersects with the facility radius, the system will alert administrators of that potential threat. You can then communicate with all facility contacts near the incident simultaneously to confirm their well-being. 


Facility tags

Facility tags let you organize and sort all facilities in a particular country by type or any other distinguishing feature. You name the tags yourself and assign them to selected facilities.

Facility contacts

Any user connected to a facility is called a facility contact and can be connected to one or more facilities. They are all displayed under the contacts tab for each facility. A facility contact does not need to have access to the Safeture Mobile Application. Instead, they can be contacted through SMS or email in case of an incident.

You can also distinguish managers from your other facility contacts by ticking the Management box for the users with such a role.

Click here to see how to add a contact to a facility.

Methods for adding new facilities to Safeture

You can add facilities to the Safeture platform in the following ways:

  1. Manual add – one by one: you can add each facility separately inside the Facilities Module of the web portal. Click here to see how (follow path 2a in the guide).
  2. Spreadsheet import: you can add multiple facilities at once inside the Facilities Module of the web portal by uploading a spreadsheet with information on all facilities. Click here to see how (follow path 2b in the guide).
  3. Mass import: For larger quantities of facilities, we also offer the option to upload your facility information via SFTP.